What is a Sanctuary Dog and why is this part of Sweetpups necessary?
From time to time a dog comes to us with medical, behavioral, or emotional issues that may make it inappropriate for regular adoptions.  This dog then becomes part of our Sanctuary and will be lovingly cared for throughout the rest of its life by the loving hands on Sweetpups.   We will showcase dogs from time to time to give you the opportunity to know some of these special guys!

Pretty Boy is just one of many who share the Sanctuary at Sweetpups.  He came to us with a broken tail from a local pound.  When we took him in for routine vetting and tail amputation, little did we know what would happen.  No one had a clue this dog was a hemophiliac but within two days we nearly lost this little guy.  He made several trips to Texas A&M who was able to diagnose him and helped us save his life.  Pretty Boy recovered but managed to tear a toe nail on a dog bed, resulting in immediate emergency care.   For that reason, we had to build him is own enclosure that includes a puppy door, an outside deck and a puppy pen.  Frozen plasma is kept in the freezer at all times as the slightest injury could cause him to bleed to death.  This is just one of the many dogs at Sweetpups that demand extra care and will be with us longterm.  Your donation helps us provide for those you may not see in our adoptable albums but they are just as precious!

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